Start Singing

We can work together no matter whether you’re a professional singer; an aspiring singer; if you’re not interested in singing at all but want to become more confident with your speaking voice; if you’ve suffered vocal problems or trauma and are looking to heal your voice and build it back up; or maybe you’re none of these things – you want to explore what your voice is and all the ways you can express yourself with it.

I provide peer support through the medium of voice sessions, drawing on the lived experience of my own self-discovery through singing. The voice sessions are collaborative, designed to let you establish your goals as I guide us toward them. In our first session, I’ll hear about you, your history with your voice, and what you’d like to work towards. The next sessions are spent discovering your voice and your relationship with it through simple vocal exercises and self-analysis. From there, we can decide on a short- or long-term plan for you to achieve confidence and empowerment in your voice and identity.

I believe singing allows for a true understanding and ownership of who we are – if it is explored in a way that is wholly authentic. This is why I encourage a brave space where you can let your voice – and yourself – try anything and be everything. In our space, I invite discussion about your voice centered in sensation, not sound. This helps to foster a judgement-free space as well as a collaborative one, where you can be free to experiment and become the expert on your own voice.

These sessions are not intended to serve as formal counseling or voice therapy. If you are in need of a voice therapist, please feel free to email me and I can refer you.