About Me

Since 2012, I’ve been teaching music and performing throughout Southern California. I’ve been singing and studying music for 15 years, training professionally for 5 years, and identifying as non-binary/consciously exploring my identity for 1 year. Since becoming aware of my gender and being a part of the gender non-conforming community, I have witnessed the challenges that one can face when trying to align their voice with their gender presentation. I created the Empowered Identity Voice Studio to provide guidance toward integrating your voice with the rest of your identity, regardless of how you define it.

Studying my voice with somebody who understands it and its potential has been the single most significant process in my life. It’s given me countless gifts – including the beginning of a singing career – but not only that, I’ve gained a sense of trust in myself. Before, singing or speaking felt like reaching around in the dark – knowing a part of myself was hidden in there, but never finding it. It was disorienting and discouraging to keep searching for myself, often with the help of professional singers, but finding no hope of an answer. From my personal experience, this story is quite common – and is often shared by those in the singing world and LGBTQ+ communities.

I want to nurture a healthy relationship between you and your voice – one where you can both grow alongside one another, and learn how the voice is a product of your muscles, bone, tissue and cartilage coordinating itself to create a sound that is completely uniquely your own. Like in any relationship, connection and unity come through good communication. Awareness of your voice through singing can help foster this healthy connection, and empower your voice to be a source of authenticity instead of uncertainty.